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Ambulance staff cut since 2010
firefighters attacked on duty
days off with mental health issues

Line Of Duty are an Emergency Services and Armed Forces Charity, registered in late 2016, Charity Registration Number 1168598.

We came into being because one of our Trustees – Matt Colley – experienced injury in the Armed Forces and as a reservist was unable to access medical treatment through the Army, instead having to go through the NHS which inevitably prolonged a recovery beyond that which might have otherwise been a matter of weeks! He thought to himself “There must be a better way” and with that had a ‘light bulb’ moment and Line of Duty was born.


LOD’s unique, stand-out principle is that they support EVERYONE within the Emergency Services and Armed Forces – EVERYONE from the Surgeon to the Cleaner. Each serve a vital role that enables the Services to continue to fulfil their mission, their oath, to serve and protect and to do this, in many situations, in the face of adversity. Without everyone in the chain carrying on their role to the best of their ability, the chain breaks and the effectiveness of our services suffer. LOD vow to support all those that support us across the board in these services with no exception.


Due to funding cuts and an increase in assaults on Emergency Services Personnel, our Armed Forces and Emergency Services are under more pressure than ever before. Since 2010, budgets have reduced 30% for the Fire Service, 20% for Police Service, and the Ambulance Service has seen a cut of £75 million in funding. Whilst budgets are cut the demand on the emergency services increases, putting extra strain on the health of our front line staff. Reported crime has increased, and so has emergency response times. Less resources are available and staff are having to endure an excessive workload and longer hours, severely impacting their mental health and personal well-being:

  • Mental Health Issues: 92% of UK Emergency Services personnel have experienced stress, low mood or poor mental health at some point.
  • Contemplate Suicide: 27% have contemplated taking their own life (5% have made an actual attempt to do so).
  • Contemplate Leaving: 67% have contemplated leaving their job as a result of stress or mental health.

Charity Registration Number 1168598