Welcome to Lucky Duck

At Lucky Duck, we believe in making charitable giving an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Our mission is to create a platform that not only supports amazing charities but also offers thrilling raffles and incredible prizes, ensuring that everyone feels like a winner!

For charities

By partnering with incredible charities, we ensure that a percentage of ticket sales goes directly to these organisations. This means that every raffle entry contributes to a greater cause. Additionally, we take pride in curating great prizes for our draws, making every ticket holder’s experience worthwhile. Even if you don’t win a prize, we guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time participating in our raffles.

For the players

We want everyone to feel like a lucky duck, not just our winners. Every person who participates in our raffles contributes to the positive impact we make. Our enthusiasm for our mission is infectious, and we invite you to join us in this journey of giving and fun.

So get ready to add some razzle dazzle to your charitable giving experience! Stay tuned for exciting draws, fabulous prizes, and the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution makes a difference. Let’s make giving an adventure worth celebrating together!

How to play Lucky Duck

How to play

Choose your raffle

Choose from one of our amazing charity raffles. Win cool prizes and support a great cause!

Choose your tickets

Select how many chances to WIN you would like for the raffle you are entering

Enter the raffle

Submit your entry and enter your details so that we can contact you if you WIN!

Wait for the draw

We’ll get in touch to let you know when the LIVE draw starts so you can join the fun!

Our prize raffles

The fun way to give!

At Lucky Duck, we have a quacky-go-lucky approach to life. Our focus is on creating a positive and enjoyable experience, where both players and our charity partners win!

We believe that can be for everyone involved!

While we might embrace a lighter-hearted approach to life, we still understand the seriousness of the causes our charity partners work towards. 

Want to be our next lucky duck? It’s easy, just choose a raffle and enter today!